Benefits of Spine Surgery

Anyone who has suffered a painful chronic condition knows the true extent to which it can affect the quality of life.  Severe back pain that does not go away is one example of this. We’ve all probably experienced some sort of back pain or discomfort that quickly healed on its own, allowing us to return […]

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What is Pain Management?

Sometimes the intensity & duration of physical pain can get to the point where we can no longer manage it. This is turn creates a situation where we can no longer manage our lives as we once did, because chronic pain can be debilitating. This is the time when we have most likely already tried […]

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Brain Tumor Facts

Brain tumor is not a term we necessarily want to hear about. However, knowing a few basic facts about this complex condition can help us in the event that we are affected by it in any way. • Brain tumors can be either cancerous (malignant) or non-cancerous (benign) • Tumors that start out in the […]

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Neurosurgeons in Cape Girardeau talk about getting the best results from spine and back surgery.

You’ve probably heard that Tiger Woods missed the Masters golf tournament this year as he recovers from a back surgery called microdiscectomy for a pinched nerve. Tiger’s great attitude about his surgery and recovery is inspiring. He plans to get back to competing as soon as possible, and says there are still a few records […]

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