Pain management

Interventional Pain Management at Regional Brain & Spine

Essential relief for back and neck pain, sciatica, arthritis, cancer pain and more.

Our highly qualified pain management providers use interventional techniques to pinpoint and treat acute and chronic pain. These leading-edge methods provide essential relief for back and neck pain, cancer-related pain and more.

Pain management techniques include:

Nerve blocks and epidural steroid injections – Provide nonsurgical relief of acute back pain, sciatica and spinal arthritis using precise injections of medication into the area around the nerves.

Radio frequency ablation – Treats nerve tissues to decrease pain signals in a specific area of the body.

Spinal cord stimulation – A device implanted in the back sends electrical pulses to the spinal cord that intercept painful nerve impulses.

Targeted drug delivery systems – Administering medication precisely into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord to potentially deliver more effective pain control with less side effects.

Regional Brain and Spine is now offering Regenerative Medicine options. Click for more information.

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