Physical medicine & rehabilitation

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Regional Brain & Spine

Nonsurgical treatments to help you achieve your best health.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation physicians (also called physiatrists) are nerve and muscle experts who treat conditions that affect how you move. At Regional Brain & Spine, our board certified PM&R specialist is dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible recovery and restored function.

Physical medicine & rehabilitation services include:

Electro-diagnostic testing – Evaluates the function of muscles and nerves to help determine the cause of pain, numbness and weakness. These tests are used to diagnose herniated discs, carpal tunnel syndrome and other conditions.

Workers’ compensation services – Prompt, comprehensive treatment for on-the-job injuries to help employees get back to work quickly and safely. More about Workers’ Comp.

Independent medical exams – Accurately assess the cause, extent and medical treatment of an injury when liability is an issue.


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